Dr. Holloway'€™s Estate Sales - We Take Care of You! What to do with the lifetime accumulation of a loved one after their passing can be a daunting task. The word we hear most often is overwhelming. We get it; we understand. Let Dr. Holloway'€™s Estate Sales ease the burden. We Take Care of You! There are a couple of options that we can help you with: Estate Liquidation and Estate Sales. In an Estate Liquidation we help you by the clearing of an estate through donation, direct sale or other means of disposal. In an Estate Sale we research, price, advertise and open a sale to the public. Either of these options can also be utilized in a simple downsizing where someone is moving out of state, into an assisted living or to another residence and need to pare down their treasures. Call us for a free consultation. We will come, take a look, advise you on some options and give you an idea of what we can do for you and what you can expect from our services.

Good Conscience Option

In many cases clients choose our Good Conscience Options. Sometimes clients wish to donate clothing or household goods to an organization that helps those in need or they have a collection of books, papers, artwork or research materials they wish to see go to a specialized institution. In this way a lifetime of generosity can be continued. Have a specific item you are thinking about? Ask us. We Take Care of You! Through our sales and Good Conscience Options we have sold or placed items in churches, charities, Vanderbilt, Harvard, Indiana Historical Society, the American Antiquarian Society and more.